SHTF Recon is a website dedicated to providing survival and prepping reconnaissance to the masses. We are truly dedicated to helping people of all age and of all experience levels, to become more self-reliant and better prepared for what lies ahead, and most certainly threatens our very existence.

From the beginner prepper/survivalist, all the way up to the seasoned veteran. We will be your one-stop for all survival and prepping needs.

An aside, but highly relevant, note. We are of the strong opinion that the next major SHTF event or events, will be triggered by a series of forces happening simultaneously, and within a very short span. This will be a planned attack on civilization as we know it. These triggers will have widespread economical, political, and world impact.

Subsequently, along with providing essential survival and prepping news and tips, we will offer an overview of top news stories leading up to SHTF. Because make no mistake, everything that happens in today’s volatile world, happens for a reason.

The resolve and will of ‘We the People‘ will be challenged like no other time in our short history.

Will you be ready when it ‘sh*t hits the fan?’ We hope so. But if you don’t feel ready, now’s the time to act. Visit SHTF Recon long, and visit it often. We will keep you informed on today’s survival and prepping techniques, tips, and reviews, along with the triggers leading up to it.

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