Things You Need To Do If You Get Caught Up In A Riot



When people live in a democracy, protesting is a right they enjoy as peaceful protest is considered a genuine form of expressing how they feel about things that are important.

Unfortunately some protests turn frightful and the change can happen quickly. There a many reasons why this happens, from agitators who hold an opposing view infiltrating what would have remained a peaceful protest to high feelings within the protest group that things are not happening quickly enough and maybe more notice would be taken if the protest was more forceful.

If you are caught up in a situation like that, getting away from the violence is paramount. Continue moving in the same direction as the crowd but edge your way to whichever side is the nearest to getting you out of the throng.


  • Getting into a car, unless you have the means to drive it away isn’t a wise move.
  • Trying to fight your way against a human tide can cause you serious injury.
  • Create some space by lacing your fingers together in front of you, place your palms on your belly, thumbs on your waist pointing behind you.

“If there is ‘wriggle room’ make your way to one side, edging your way nearer and nearer an outer edge of the group.”

If you know that there is likely to be unrest in the area knowing alternative routes that can lead you away from the area is always prudent, carry a map of the area if you are not on home ground.

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