Amateurs Conquering World as Experts Destroy It


Beppe Grillo

Despite Italian Prime Minister Mateo Renzi’s denials that he will resign when, not if, the Italian constitutional referendum fails on December 4, it is now obvious that the Italian government is on the verge of collapse.

Renzi admitted as much himself, when according to La Repubblica, he told his entourage this weekend that the government would fall if he loses December constitutional referendum.

One person who is definitely waiting for his opportunity is Beppe Grillo, leader of Italy’s Five Star Movement, who has launched an assault against the government in Rome. The battle is taking place in Brussels, the city where he marched against Chinese steel dumping and in favour of the European steel industry.

Perhaps the most notable point brougth up by Grillo is his answer whether he would govern Italy if given the opportunity, after the failure of Renzi.

It’s an extraordinary turning point. Trump was such a target for the media, with such terrifying accusations of sexism and racism, as well as being harassed but, in the end, he won.

That is a symbol of the tragedy and the apocalypse of traditional information. The television and newspapers are always late and they relay old information. They no longer anticipate anything and they’re only just understanding that idiots, the disadvantaged, those who are marginalised – and there are millions of them – use alternative media, such as the Internet, which passes under the radar of television, a medium people no longer use.


  • Whatever happens, the responsibility returns entirely to the British. They made the decision.
  • Whatever happens, we want elections because the government as it stands is not legitimate and, as a consequence, neither are we.
  • In parliament, there are lobby groups and commissions. Parliament decides, but at the same time doesn’t decide.


“We want a change within civilisation, a change of world vision.”

We’re talking about dematerialised industry, an end to working for money, the start of working for other payment, a universal citizens revenue. If our society is founded on work, what will happen if work disappears? What will we do with millions of people in flux? We have to organise and manage all that.

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