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Warren Buffet

Investors would need to be nearly mad to not be snapping up as many stocks as they can get their hands on, as the USA stock market near all-time highs and financial pundits are publicizing the miracles of economic recovery.

The question that comes into mind is ‘If USA’s economy is doing so well, why are leading investment firms and multi millionaires warning of rough waters ahead?’

Mr. Buffet, 86-year old, seems to clearly anticipate the biggest buying opportunity in his entire life because he has way more capital sitting aside than at any other time in four decades he has been running Berkshire Hathaway.

The information found in this article is a starting point for you to conduce your own research before making any significant investing decisions.


  • According to analyst Jeff Nielsen, the head of one of the largest investment companies in the world isn’t invested as heavily into stock markets as you may think.
  • Nielsen says in his latest interview with SGT Report that Buffet has over $70 billion sitting in cash on the sidelines.
  • And that can mean only one thing: Buffet knows a crash is coming and he is waiting for perhaps the biggest buying opportunity of his lifetime.

“Buffet has joined other billionaires in recent months to sit on the sidelines and wait for the crash that everyone knows is coming.”

And given that these insiders have essentially pulled the majority of their money out of risky markets with many shifting to collapse-proof assets like gold and silver, we must be very close to widespread financial and economic disaster.

Original Source: ”Insider Warren Buffet Knows A Massive Crash Is Coming: “Has $70 Billion On The Sidelines… Clearly Anticipating The Biggest Buying Opportunity Of His Life”

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