“October Surprise”? Sudden Economic Meltdown Could Throw Elections, Decide Next President


The presidential election is just around the corner, and as it stands, it’s either candidate’s game. Could a sudden economic crisis catapult one of the candidates to the top of the race? It might be more likely than you think, and the result could come as quite a shock to everyone.


      • Conventional wisdom says that a serious economic downturn might help to boost Trump into the White House, but this is anything but a conventional political cycle, and all the typical advice is out the window.
      • But the point is, that a major disaster is on the horizon, and it may well collide with the electoral process.
      • The United States is at a crossroads, and after the next shoe falls, there may be no turning back.

“But are they planning another notorious ‘October Surprise’ to bring an unpredictable and superseding factor into the account before the election?”


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