A Promising Life in France Given Up For Jihad: And You Don’t Think This is a World Problem?


Jihad Nassoulkhanov

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has blamed France’s “ethnic apartheid” for the jihad against France. But this jihadi had a promising job and was a star sportsman. So what made him go jihad? The one thing that French authorities (and all Western authorities) don’t dare look at: Islam.

He had a promising graphic designer job, plans to be a wedding videographer and was a star sportsman in his French town. So how did Youssoup Nassoulkhanov end up in an Islamic State group video praising the Paris attacks?

Nassoulkhanov, a Russian from the Chechen region who moved to France when he was 15, had worked at the local council since May 2013 on a trainee programme. For Lymand, who took him under his wing, prepped him for a full-time job and helped him through housing and personal difficulties, the video was a shock. “I can’t watch it — it still hurts me,” he said, welling up. There are few clues to what drove Nassoulkhanov’s radicalisation.

He was frustrated at supporting his whole family and had fought with his father. There were rumours of a girlfriend not accepted by the tight-knit Chechen community. One Muslim colleague says Nassoulkhanov spent longer and longer hours at the mosque, sometimes four or five a day during Ramadan. But if he had radical thoughts, they were well hidden. He was highly skilled at “Street Workout”, a strenuous form of gymnastics and acrobatics, and practised almost daily with youngsters from many different backgrounds in parks around the town.


  • There is a wide range of factors that can push someone into violent jihad.
  • Extremists are consciously targeting a wider cross-section of society.
  • Poverty makes terrorists not because they are angry at being poor, but because it takes them into certain walks of life, such as prisons.

“He loved video and filmed weddings for the Chechen community — often travelling to Paris to do so.”

Poverty makes terrorists Nassoulkhanov’s story is a reminder that jihadists come from all walks of life, but his case is still relatively rare.

Original Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/promising-life-france-given-jihad-110358096.html?ref=gs

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