Muslim Doctor In The United States Designs Very Sophisticated IED Explosives


SHTF Recon believes strongly that Islam is going to be one of the triggers that will envelope this world to the point of no return. We are in the battle of our lives with this ideology and everyone must take credence to this threat. This is just another example of how Islam is hell-bent on destroying us. Keep a vigilant eye to the east my fellow survivalists.

(Walid Shoebat) – Little scant coverage has been given to the story of doctor Mark Samir Sawaf. He was aLPCC Psychotherapist in Kentucky USA. This was his public image. His private life was more sinister than you can imagine. What the media is not telling you about this case was that Sawaf was a Muslim and a terrorist before he was gunned down in Kentucky for an alleged crime. Samir Sawaf set up IED’s  and pipe bombs in Kentucky, USA. While his story gained local coverage in Kentucky, the reason is that the media forgot to tell the public that the family stems from Karbala, Iraq, the land of terrorism and IEDs, the Sawafs were welcomed to the land of ‘the candy shop’: USA.


Obama wants to welcome middle eastern immigrants to the candy shop. But how can we filter the good, the bad from the ugly? Or better yet, from the lone-wolf terrorist?

It is virtually impossible. And even if they commit acts of terror, unless one can find a Facebook page loaded with photos of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and the ISIS black flags, the media will tell you nothing more than ‘it was a crime’.


What they will also never tell you, is that regardless if Muslims lives in the land of the candy shop, for 10, 20 or 30 years, it makes no difference, a Muslim will always cling to his roots no matter what. This at times can be very hazardous to your health, even if that Muslim is a doctor. No one can screen these or would even suspect in a million years, after analyzing Sawaf’s life, that he was a terrorist. These can even hitch with blonds and naive women who think nothing if a Muslim is Muslim.

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