Muslims Capture Two Christian Girls, Brutally Beat Them, And Offer Them To An ISIS Terrorist As Gifts


After brutally beating two girls, Muslim captors reportedly offered them to an ISIS terrorist as gifts. The Islamic State (ISIS) has reportedly begun offering sex slaves to members who snitch on defectors from the group. It has also been reported that ISIS leaders were buying sex slaves for the single purpose of giving them to their loyal followers. These women have often been treated poorly, and one account says they were “beaten on their backs”.


      • Muslims captured two Christian girls and offered them to an ISIS fighter as gifts after brutally beating them,
      • As revealed in a confession made by a captured ISIS fighter, the jihadist group is now offering rewards to its members who snitch on fellow jihadis who are planning to defect or leave the group
      • In a recent interview on United Arab Emirates television and released in part on video by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Muhajer said he received three women—two Christians and a Yazidi—to use as his personal sex slaves after snitching in his own brother as a would-be deserter.

“The ISIS fighter, identified as Abu Al-Mughaira Al-Muhajer, who was captured during the battle in the Syrian city of Aleppo, revealed that ISIS leaders are giving away sex slaves as rewards to loyal ISIS members who provide information about those who would leave its ranks.”

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