Networks Slam Stephen K. Bannon, Ignore Democrat Keith Ellison’s Radicalism


Steve Bannon and Keith Ellison

After the appointment of Stephen K. Bannon as chief White House strategist, the media unleashed a torrent of attacks calling Bannon an extremist, a “white nationalist,” and a “racist”.

However after Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison was floated as the possible new head of the Democrat National Committee, the same media completely ignored his repeated anti-Semitic and radical Islamic statements.

No actual proof has been forthcoming, but the big three networks have been vicious and Bannon has been called every manner of name based solely on innuendo.

Coverage of Representative Keith Ellison has been practically non-existent and he has been offered as the replacement of Democrat National Committee Chair. The networks, only gave Ellison two minutes and nine seconds of coverage, according to the MRC study and zero of that time has been negative coverage.

The networks also ignored Ellison’s praise and support of anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakahn, his support of reparations for slavery, and his demands that the U.S. government set aside land inside the country for a new black “homeland.”


  • The only positive comments about the new chief strategist were the reports of comments uttered by other Trump officials.
  • The media has ignored all Ellison’s controversial ties, all the while going mad over Stephen Bannon.
  • Ellison also has a “history of Muslim Brotherhood connections,” according to terrorism expert Steve Emerson.

“This sparse, yet fawning coverage of Ellison was had despite the rising voice of concern by Jewish groups worried over his past radical Muslim statements.”

According to a new study by the Media Research Center, the big three networks have spent almost no time at all revealing the radical Islamic leanings of Minnesota Democrat Kieth Ellison while repeatedly attacking Bannon with rumor, innuendo, and hearsay.

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