BREAKING: Trump Makes Major Announcement About Rudy Giuliani…

President-elect Donald Trump’s list of potential candidates for secretary of state just got a little smaller.

The president-elect has announced former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has withdrawn his name from consideration for the role, as well as any other roles in the Trump administration.

Politico is reporting, Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani pulled out of the secretary of state sweepstakes late last month, President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team said late Friday, as Trump has widened his search to select the nation’s top diplomat in the last week. 

“Rudy Giuliani is an extraordinarily talented and patriotic American. I will always be appreciative of his 24/7 dedication to our campaign after I won the primaries and for his extremely wise counsel,” Trump said in a written statement. “He is and continues to be a close personal friend, and as appropriate, I will call upon him for advice and can see an important place for him in the administration at a later date.”

Giuliani had previously publicly campaigned for the post and it was not immediately clear why he had withdrawn. The transition team said that he withdrew on November 29.

A report earlier today suggested Trump himself may have decided not to pick Giuliani.

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