Clinton Campaign Denies Birther Ties… But “Emails Show Aide Sid Blumenthal Created” It


After years of Donald Trump claiming that president Barack Obama was not born in the US, he has finally acknowledged the fact that Obama was, in fact, US born. Donald Trump is not only acknowledging the fact that Obama was born in the US but, he is now blaming the Clinton administration for orchestrating the rumor back when Clinton was running against Obama in 2008. The Clinton administration denies all claims.

Key Takeaways:

    • Following last week’s clarification from Trump that President Obama is American-born, the mainstream media has worked hard to dispel his claims that Hillary’s team, in fact, started the “birther” issue.
    • The Clinton campaign has denied any role in the birther conspiracy.
    • Only last Friday did Trump acknowledge that Obama was born in the United States.

    “The fact that Trump picked up the torch not only shows his willingness to embrace controversy, but his deep ties to the Clinton’s, with whom he socialized and donated to for many years before becoming her fiercest opponent.”

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