CYBERWAR: The New Warfare Facing America’s Next President



The elected president may well be the first to face a new kind of warfare when: cyberwar.

Pernicious, pervasive and yet potentially undetectable, cyberwar will take the shape of the theft of vast amounts of intellectual property, causing great damage to America’s economic vitality in the process. It will include denial of service attacks masked as internet outages, power shortages and other disruptions to society.

The cyberattack last month that took down major U.S. websites, as well as the recent suspected Russian hacks on the US election system, are examples of a new era of ill-defined cyberviolence in today’s massively interconnected world.
What the hackers did is relatively simple and seemingly mundane, but the implications are great.

In the case of recent internet outages, hackers “weaponized” hundreds of thousands everyday devices: DVRs, webcams and other common products – with malware code to attack and shut down sites that support and sustain our economy like Twitter and Paypal.

We will have to ensure that the fundamental nature of our humanity and the fabric of our society is not torn apart by the distillation and subjugation of human activity through pervasive, remote, anonymous and autonomous connectivity, and potentially surveillance, too.


  • The damage in terms of loss of confidence in our democratic institutions has already been done.
  • The vast majority of voting machines are not even connected to the internet.
  • People have been preppers longer than people have laughed at it.

“Illicit access to the nation’s voter rolls makes possible the manipulation or deletion of voter data and could potentially see disruption in the availability of these databases.”

We are seeing dramatic increases in identity theft, ransomware attacks and intellectual property theft, causing significant financial loss to individuals and businesses and our economy.

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