GAMECHANGER: New WikiLeaks Confirms Hillary DELIBERATELY, Criminally Deleted Emails

Recently WikiLeaks revealed damning evidence against presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. Clinton purposely deleted emails and it has her Democratic Party on edge. Hillary’s staffers were reportedly discussing her “problematic” issues with deleting certain emails and are actively working to keep her emails a secret still. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton received a break when FBI chose to overlook her discretions.


      • Hilary Clinton is a criminal, she is above the law and will never do jail matter what comes out on her.
      • She deleted her incriminating emails on purpose.
      • While things come out on her the media will not let it be known to the public because they are all part of this crooked system.

“In case you missed it, the latest emails reveal quite a bit: how Hillary really feels about gay marriage, a “hit file” on Bernie Sanders, and more.”

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