NY Mayor Bill de Blasio Cannot Call Manhattan Bombing an Act of Terror


It has been reported that an improvised explosive device said to have been hidden in a garbage can in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan wounded more than 25 people Saturday evening.

A similar blast rocked Seaside Park, New Jersey early Saturday and it is being investigate whether there are connections between the two incidents.

An agent with the FBI said that they are working alongside with federal, state and local officials to find out who is behind the device.

CNN reports that during a press conference, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that there is no evidence that the explosion in Manhattan had any terror connection.

CNN NYPD conference on Manhattan Explosion

CNN copyrigths


  • Officials say there are no known specific or credible threats to New York at this time.
  • Police say the Seaside Park device exploded inside of a garbage as runners prepared for a Marine Corp charity event.
  • No suspect have been identified.

“It was not immediately known what exactly caused the explosion, but Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a late-night press conference that the blast is believed to be an “intentional act”, though he added that no evidence was immediately found to suggest a link to terrorism.”

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