Report: Government Running Simulations of Nuclear War, False Flags, Economic Collapse: “They Can See What Happens Next”


There is a piece of software that is used by governments worldwide known as Sentient World Simulation. This particular software runs on a supercomputer that simulates nuclear wars, false flags, economic collapse, as well as poisoning of aquifers.


      • Powerful individuals in politics, finance, and academia whose decisions influence the world can test shocks such as nuclear wars, false flags, and economic collapse through quantum computing and artificial intelligence
      • Sentient World Simulation shows the mass effects that occur after scenarios like stock market crashes, large terrorist attacks, mass migrations, or the loss of electricity in a large region
      • One must consider that such technologies lend themselves well to the idea that every great world “incident” was carefully planned and its results were known long before they materialized

“these people know exactly what they are doing because they have every possible resource at their disposal.”

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