The Fix Is In: NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early — Hillary Wins Presidency 42% to Trump’s 40%


Hopefully this is not the sign of things to come next Tuesday. We use the Wayback Machine very often for various projects and I can tell you that it’s accurate. It basically provides screenshots of websites at a certain moment of time. Therefore, there is no other explanation that this particular was online, somewhere, on the Internet.

NBC affiliate WRCB TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee has inadvertently posted election night results. The results page appears to be similar to what mainstream news networks display on election night, including Presidential and Congressional results, the popular vote count, electoral votes, and percentage of precincts reporting.

This screenshot of which has been sourced from internet archive site The Wayback Machine, is posted below and shows totals for the upcoming Presidential race. It announces Hillary Clinton as the winner.


h/t SHTF Plan

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