US Imperialism is at a Dead End, But Why?


It seems that US imperialism has hit a dead end and the desperation of the system is evident in all facets of its rule. From the state to the corporate media, US imperialism has been on a non-stop assault to bury the roots of the crisis underground. This makes it of utmost necessity to explain to the people what exactly is causing the breakdown of US imperialism.

The never ending nightmare otherwise known as the 2016 elections has been perhaps the most visible expression of US imperialism’s dead end. Trump’s surprising victory has led to the intensification of a neo-McCarthyist war consisting of many parts. As was the case in the first Cold War, Russia has been the primary target of the attack.

The myth of Russian infiltration in the US electoral system has been peddled as fact by the Obama Administration, the corporate media, and even Jill Stein’s recount campaign. So-called secret “revelations” (i.e. lies) by the CIA have been paraded as evidence that Russia conspired to plant Trump in the White House. Some corporate media outlets have even gone so far to claim that there now exists legal grounds by which to impeach Trump before his inauguration.

Trump wants nothing more than to enrich both him and his casino capitalist partners from the vast untapped wealth of an emergent Russian economy. But finance capital and the US military see a destabilized Russia as the best chance to maintain hegemony. So, Trump has to go, at least for the time being. The suppression of the left would be an added bonus.


  • Russia possesses little interest in undermining a political process that is already thoroughly corrupt.
  • A large section of the ruling class residing in US intelligence and the Department of War view Trump as a problem due to his proposals to disarm the jihadists in Syria and warm relations with Russia.
  • Market Watch reported that there are currently more than six million car loans over 90 days late in payments in the US.

“The crisis of legitimacy plaguing US imperialism is an expression of a larger crisis of the system’s economic base”

Russia has as much interest in meddling in US affairs as the Syrian government has in slaughtering its own people. Both of these lies, if hypothetically true, place Syria and Russia in the cross hairs of US imperialism.

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