3 Categories of Disasters You Should Prep For Now!


While some people may think it is important to prep for the zombie apocalypse, that is actually one of the least likely disasters to happen. Instead, likely disasters can be grouped into three main categories: small ones like losing your job or home, medium-sized ones like tornadoes, or global ones like an Ebola outbreak or a supervolcano. Choose the most likely of these, based on your own location and lifestyle, to prep for instead.


      • “Dan” lives in Romania and has been an active prepper since the start of 2014
      • Dan believes in preparing for smaller scale events that could happen to any one of us
      • When most people hear or talk about survival, they automatically think about Zombies, asteroids and total darkness

“”Even if you don’t believe in the end of the world, you should still prep for the very likely events below.””


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