Do You Feel The Urgency To Top Off Your Food Storage And Preps?


Emergency Checklist

If you feel like SHTF is around the corner, you’re not alone. There is a sense of urgency lately in alt-news regarding food storage. Many news articles feature the urgent need to be prepared for major events. There are several reasons for acquiring more food for storage such as food price inflation, more survival time, the ability to feed others, and to sustain proper nutrition.


      • The world’s political and economic scene feels risky to many people, creating a sense of urgency, particularly among survivalists.
      • This sense of urgency translates to getting more stores, especially food stores.
      • More food stores can never be regarded as a bad thing, as more food means more people fed, over a longer period.

“The prices of food will not be going lower in the future, so by acquiring more now you will be saving money into the future.”

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