Special Needs Prepping


Special Needs Prepping

In your preparations, you might have the need to make allowances for a relative or a friend that has special needs. How to deal with those needs, whether they are temporary or permanent ones, must be thought in advanced.

Some folks with mental disability will have special needs and limitations, and may even be highly dependent on others, which will restrict the ability of their caregiver to fully participate in the homestead or retreat.

Depending on the individual and the type/severity of their handicap, there could be mobility or physical limitations. However, don’t assume that just because someone is physically or mentally handicapped they cannot do certain things.

Talk to them about there needs and abilities, and plan according. Also, ask everyone in your group if they have a chronic or long-term illness, and then listen to them about what special needs and restrictions they have.

Pregnant women may also have special needs such as medicine, vitamins, special/larger clothing, etc. Depending on the individual woman and the stage of her pregnancy, pregnant women may be less physically able to participate in the security of homestead/retreat, may be less mobile, and may be limited in what chores they can do.

The woman may not have access to a hospital to give birth due to a SHTF situation, be sure to plan ahead for giving birth at home, including training and special supplies.


  • A mother of a young baby will not be able to help out much with security or other chores at the homestead or retreat.
  • Young children can start off doing personal chores such as brushing their own teeth and picking up after themselves, then expanding those chores as they grow older.
  • Don’t forget about first aid for your pets.

“Alcohol and drug addiction, including tobacco, will prove very problematic. Address addictions NOW, before any SHTF situation.”

Depending on their age and health, the elderly may have a number of different needs and limitations, but please never discount their knowledge and experience.

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