The Difference Between Hoarders and Preppers


Difference between hoarders and preppers

Preppers are completely organized with it comes to their stockpile and arranged it in an organized manner. That is not to say that some preppers are not touched with a compulsive personality disorder, most preppers function on a highly calculated level, calculating every plan and every idea down to the simplest of details.

The conditions hoarders live in could shorten their lifespan as the conditions they sometimes live in are unsanitary and even dangerous. Their accumulation of things is most of the times out of control and it may have taken over their lives.

Hoarding is not a good thing, which is why preppers absolutely not like to be put in the same category with hoarders.


  • It’s not easy prepping for a crisis or a collapse in society.
  • A successful prepper makes sure that his or her stockpile is in order.
  • Although sometimes hoarders may be able to locate an item of interest, usually everything is lost under layers and layers of the hoard.

“Once hoarders have accepted help, the change in this compulsive behavior doesn’t happen overnight and usually takes months and even years to get to the root of the real problem and to correct it.”

For the prepper everything is planned out, from the way they set up the pantry to the amount of time passes in between the rotation of the supplies. It is all done with the purpose of maintaining and extending the life of the family unit.

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