Where NOT To Go When it’s Time To Bug Out And Why


Are you ready for an eye-opening article? The topics, bring a hard but very real truth to the reality of human nature and us as individuals. One topic points to a fact that we would look to our military for protection. This is something that seems reasonable right? Well you’d be wrong. It’s topics like this that the article focuses on and I feel need to be known so everyone can have an equal chance for survival.

  • National disaster planning is not the province of a few fringe people anymore, even the Red Cross advocates having a plan.
  • Although having a place to go in the event of an emergency is crucial, it’s often the case that not even died in the wool survivalists have that base covered.
  • Some common destination choices for survivalists, all with their pluses and minuses, include forested regions, lakes and military bases.

Make a plan and don’t wait until the last minute to be sure your plan is survivable.  Plan now and put forth the effort to secure a safe place for you and your family when the collapse comes.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared!  God Bless America!


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