Wildfire Protection Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Safe


Wild Fire Protection Guide

Although when there is a real treat of wildfires happening near your home there will be plenty of notice, have you ever considered a plan in case you that is not the case?

To have time to pack up what you really need and move is ideally, however what happens when you either can’t move or are trapped while trying to move, or you run out of time and are now stuck?

If you have pets, kids and people that depend on you the time to act might be greatly reduced. There is always someone who decides to stay and try to fight for their home and then they get trapped.

It’s not worth losing your life to protect a house that can be rebuilt and other material items. There are some precautions you should take to give your home the best chance.


  • Keep your grass short. If you have a big yard that’s all grass or weeds and you don’t maintain it then you’ve surrounded yourself with the perfect fire spreading fuel it needs.
  • Use your hose and try to keep the surrounding area wet.
  • Keeping things like your rain gutters clear will help you protect your home and not turn it into fuel for the fire.

“One of the most important things to remember is that smoke will kill you. If you’ve decided to stay and you’re doing a good job at saving your home you can still run the risk of either becoming very ill or dying because smoke is not something to mess with.”

Not only that but if the air is hot enough and you breathe it in you still run the risk of burning your respiratory tract.

You also run the risk of breathing in unhealthy chemicals, remember all the plastic and cleaning chemicals that you keep around the house, if they are on fire and you breathing it in it can be pretty nasty.

Original Source: Wildfire Protection Guidelines

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