Emergency Survival Food Sales Soar as We Get Closer to Election Day


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Sales of emergency survival food has increased as we get closer to election day. Although it is not unusual to see long-term storable foods rise in sales around election time, however survival food companies are seeing considerable rise in business this time as election day gets closer.

Some expect a revolt from violent protesters, such as the riot seen in San Jose, California outside of a rally. Many are getting ready for government-related threats to their life and freedom. One of the major threats we face is the ever-increasing desire of politicians to take away our guns and the resulting chaos that would ensue.

Whatever reason people could have for preparing, in case disaster strikes and food becomes scarce, food will become a primary currency, and storable food will become highly valuable.


  • Many just want to be prepared for whatever may come as a result of either of these candidate’s policies.
  • Retailers are noticing the increase of sales of long-term food and they are serving the market.
  • People come in, seem perfectly normal, and then suddenly, they’re talking about the apocalypse.

“This is more intense than what we saw in 2012,” Keith Bansemer, marketing VP for My Patriot Supply, a survival food company, told NBC news”

Friedman, a storm owner recalled seeing an increase of sales like this nearly two decades ago, after the original invasion of Iraq.

Original Source: http://readynutrition.com/resources/emergency-survival-food-sales-soar-as-we-get-closer-to-election-day_06112016/

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