Key Nutrition Fact: Protein Deficiency


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Although a lot of people have a medical kit that an accident and emergency department would be proud to own, that alone will not suffice to protect against dietary deficiencies.

Severe deficiencies as a result of bad diet are becoming very common. Most of these issues are remarkably easy to fix by simply adjusting our diet.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are not the most captivating subject, however a basic knowledge of the most common, and some of the most dangerous deficiency diseases is an absolute must for anyone who wants to live a healthy life and who wants to ensure that their families get an adequate mix and amount of the vitamins and minerals we need to achieve optimum function.


  • Beans of all forms are full of protein and they can be cooked in a variety of ways.
  • Some of the more common deficiencies can be dealt with by simply taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement but one that can’t be rectified so simply is protein deficiency.
  • We are born with a good supply of B12 but that does deplete over time and needs to be topped up.

“Humans need a wide variety of foods, from all food groups in order to sustain themselves and without exception the addition of fresh foods to our diet is the best way to ensure we are not deficient in vitamins and minerals in the long term.”

Protein deficiency can lead to weight loss, brittle hair, pale skin, rashes, anemia, fainting, anxiety, lethargy and several other symptoms.

The best way to prevent the symptoms of protein deficiency is obviously to consume more proteins, having said that, cost can be an issue.

Original Source: Key Facts: Protein DeficiencyKey Facts: Protein Deficiency

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