Storing Coffee for the Long Haul


Coffee is an organic product, which means that its freshness is not eternal. It contains volatile oils, i.e., chemicals that are responsible for the proper coffee flavor and are released after the roasting process of coffee beans. Although the taste of coffee is at its peak 2 to 3 days after roasting, from the time the coffee is roasted, its freshness begins to lose quickly. If the coffee is ground, the loss of freshness and taste is even faster.

Coffee freshness also depends largely on how it is stored at home. With regards to the conservation of its freshness, aroma and taste keep in mind these four factors: air, moisture, heat and light. Each of these factors should be avoided, when buying coffee and storing it at home.

For you to roast your own green beans you don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment and a barista’s knowledge of coffee? A cheap popcorn popper or a frying pan will do the job nicely.


  • Purchasing green coffee beans is far cheaper than purchasing roasted coffee beans.
  • Like most foods that you want to store for a long period of time, you need to remove them from their sale packaging and keep your beans in airtight containers away from light, air, and moisture.
  • A steaming hot cup of coffee is a great moral booster while you are sitting out an emergency

“The solution is storing green coffee beans and roasting them on your own when you’re ready to use them, but many people shy away from roasting their own beans.”

Original Source: The Best Way to Store Coffee for the Long Haul

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