Sweet Potatoes: A Highly Versatile SHTF Food Source


Sweet Potatoes

Have you considered that once your food provisions for an emergency situation run out, you will need to restock your larder with what you can hunt, fish, or grow?

Start scouting other areas for strategic planting locations that will be self-sustaining. Planting the sweet potatoes in areas that are left alone will ensure that you will have other harvest sites.

Anticipate fuel shortage in a SHTF situation and keep the scouting to within bicycling distance from your home. There are areas like woods along rivers which will make a good planting zone as the average non-agricultural person wouldn’t know the difference between potato vines and wild plants.

This way you will be hiding a strategic and productive potato pantry in plain sight.


  • We all pray that SHTF events never happens in our lifetime, but we prepare for them anyway.
  • You must be able to find renewable food sources.
  • During a SHTF event, we must be able to survive off-grid inconspicuously.

“It grows wild in many parts of the South, not just in Florida. The sweet potato is not a magical cure-all food, but it does have many dietary and strategic qualities that American Preppers may find advantageous. “

Another interesting thing about the sweet potato is that it can be grown almost anywhere: apartment window boxes, small backyard gardens, empty lots downtown, power line easements, around the edges of county parks, or the woods behind your house.

Original Source: No Excuse for Starving

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