DIY Medieval Crossbow From PVC


DIY medieval crossbow

This medieval crossbow can be made from pvc pipe with ordinary material found at home and in a DIY store.  The crossbow is a unique weapon that is actually is a combination of a hunting bow and a pistol.

Since Medieval Times the crossbow have been around and not much have changed from the original design. The very simple design makes it really easy to use and today it is mostly used for hunting.

In this DIY Project you can build the crossbow is build without metal parts and wood and is designed to introduce the reader to a homemade version of the long time hunters favorite.

The included video describes all of the materials, supplies and tools needed to get started.


  • The trigger system is a bit large but strong.
  • The nut is 6 layers of plexiglass, laminated./li>
  • Plexiglass is a pain to shape, use PVC.

“The overall mechanism is very strong and sound.”

The video provides the perfect format with a visual presentation of the project from start to finish.

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