Essential Gear: Operational Deployment Equipment List


Operational Deployment Equipment

The right equipment to be taken on trips to out-of-the-way places could be as little as possible. The more skills and information you have, the less you need. To be able to operate for extended periods of time there is a list of items that should fit into a regular size day sack. You may be able to even take it on a plane but check the laws and regulations as they can vary depending on your destination.

Do your threat assessments and plan all trips properly before travelling. Knifes and other protection items may not be required on all trips.

For many packing a bag for a trip is a complicated task. While some pack days in advance, others leave to the last minute and often overlook many necessary items. Some people turn to travel check-list writing what will be needeed.

Emergency Vehicle Kit:

  • Gas containers
  • Tube to siphon gas
  • Fix-a-Flat X 2 and/or tire plugs
  • Tire plug kit
  • Tire inflator
  • Jumper cables
  • Tow rope


  • $500.00 USD minimum in cash, small bills, to be split up, water proofed and concealed in various locations on your person. Same for credit and bank cards.
  • Communications, will cell phones work, can you get local phones/chips? Remember chargers!
  • Weapons if legal and required

“Personal first aid kit: tampons, gauze, duct tape, bobby/safety pins and antiseptic cream. Water bottles + purification tabs (water can be boiled in steel alloy bottles!).”

You must take into additional considerations, the sources of food and water, accommodation and electricity, basic laundry service or any other operational equipment required.

Original Source: Adventure Travel and Operational Deployment Equipment List

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