Pistol vs Revolver: Which is the Better Bug Out Gun?


Pistol or Revolver - Best Bug Out Gun

As you evaluate guns for bugging out, always take into consideration how the abilities of the shooter change and also how your view the situations you may encounter.

Nowadays the most popular type of handgun used for protection is the semi-automatic pistol. The main reasons people choose these guns include the high capacity magazines, reliability, less recoil, the triggers are easier to use, the sights are better, and they fire faster.

There are few drawbacks though, they do need to be kept flawlesssly clean and the cartridges must have the proper shape for reliable feeding.

Semi-automatic pistols are much easier to reload. Since the magazines are smaller and more compact, you can also carry several of them pre-loaded and be ready to fire again in a matter of seconds.


  • Revolvers are known for their simplicity and dependability.
  • A semi-automatic pistol to a new shooter can be complicated because they must learn how to operate slides, slides stops, magazine releases, decockers, and safeties.
  • When compared to revolvers, semis have limited energy and penetration.

“There are pros and cons associated with both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.”

Pistol malfunctions represent the greatest problem with semi- automatic pistols when compared to revolvers. You must know how to recognize and clear the four most common different types of pistol malfunctions.

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