Survival Gear Review: Blue Can Water Claims to Last for 50 Years


Blue Can Water

Over the years several companies have been making and selling canned water. The majority of the steel cans claim to last thirty years. Some canning methods are now outdated.

A brand-new long-term water source labelled Blue Can Water may look like a can of soda but it is actually an aluminum can of drinking water, stamped with a 50 year shelf life.

Those cans are ideal to stock a cabin, vehicle, bug out site, etc. The water and packaging comply with standards for purified drinking.

Blue Can Water provides a wide variety of cases and pallets sized to meet your hydration needs. When disaster strikes, you’ll have peace of mind.


  • MSRP is $29.95 per case of 24 cans.
  • Cans are made of corrosion resistant aluminum and are hermetically sealed.
  • It stores well between 33 degrees F and can go up to 150 degrees F (1C to +60C.

“Proudly purified and packaged in America.”

An epoxy coating on the inside of the cans protects the water from absorbing metal or its taste.

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