Survival Gear To Have When Hell Breaks Loose


Before you spend thousands of dollars in Survival Gear, remember that for centuries mankind has been surviving without expensive sporting goods. Having said that, we live in modern times and have the luxury to use modern tools.

Micro Torch – If you will find yourself in wet or cold weather conditions, pack a butane torch with a flame that maxes out at 2500 degrees with 35 minutes of continuous burn time. As it uses fuel you will need refill fuel (butane) in the event of an extended SHTF situations.

Portable Water Filter – These types of filters are constantly used by backpackers and relief agencies in developing countries.

Snare Traps – Squirrels, rabbits, and other small mammals would be essential as a quick meal. In the wilderness, learn how to read the ground around you and recognize areas that small mammals are likely to travel. Set up several small, simple traps around the area and wait for traps to spring.

Other tools such as a knife can be used both as a defensive mechanism as well as a tool to gut fish, squirrel, possum, etc.


  • We recommend survival gear that can produce a rolling fire in no time and with little work.
  • Snare placement can be a key factor to whether or not you catch anything; your ability to know where to set snares relies on you learning and practicing basic trapping skills for capturing small game.
  • A good multi-tool is essential to urban survival, is made of stainless steel, and can withstand years’ of use.

“The fact is, you can survive without binoculars, just like early century Native Americans who lived off the land. Key difference though is that they knew the land — there’s a good chance you’re going to end up in a place that you don’t know very well, especially in a mountain range, vast desert, or national forest. “

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The Top 10 Survival Gear … When All Hell Breaks Loose

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