Fancy Elite Hideaways Are in Vogue For SHTF


Fancy SHTF hideaways

The wealthy people that are prepping for a SHTF situation have been busy getting fancy hideaways built so luxury continues to be part of their life style.

While most of the common citizens might see themselves in an uncomfortable, small and crowded room, the bunkers that will be home for the rich has plenty of entertainment, gym, and other luxuries. They could also have fresh food grown in underground green houses.

The elite is pouring millions of dollars into luxury underground communities, those with the means hope to use private planes and helicopters to escape and hideaway. For the less wealthy building a DIY hideaway, even with less opulence might be a wise decision.


  • People are going for luxury to live underground because they see the future is going to be rough
  • On top of all the basic supplies and essentials, these bunkers typically include lots of room for entertainment and diversion, rooms for exercise and even swimming, bowling and mini-movie theaters.
  • Their back up plan could provide some inspiration even for those on a modest budget.

“Most will be too overwhelmed to build and get ready ahead of time, and those who remain unprepared will be at the mercy of the worst of what falls upon this country.”

People constructing fancy hideaways and elite retreats are sort of aware of the irony, as the primary motivation for building luxury underground bunkers and emergency shelters-in-style centers around the political turmoil and building unrest that has been triggered and stirred up by agenda that trickles down from the top and infects the masses.

Original Source: With Disaster on the Horizon, Elites Busy Building Luxury Bunkers: “Panic, Anxiety, Aftermath”

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