Survival Gear Review: Brunton 9077 Lensatic Compass


You need to be careful when shopping for a good deal in survival equipment arena. Finding a bargain  that seems too good to be true might, just come to hurt you. The Brunton 9077 Lenstatic Compass is a good example of something that looks good on the outside, but after further research has a few flaws . It turns out the Lenstatic Compass flaws outweigh the benefits.

Among the documented flaws are the fluid being far too viscous to work well in a compass and having to hold it perfectly level or risk being several degrees off course. Nevertheless, at this price point, it seems like a good idea to check it out. But this is definitely a case of buyer-beware.


      • 2° graduations
      • Heavy metal body, 3.5 ounces
      • Lensatic sighting
      • Straight edge for use with map
      • Liquid dampened (too dampened)
      • Made in China (that explains a lot)

” But as soon as I got it out of the package, the flaws started to become apparent. First off, the fluid used inside the compass seems far too viscous.”

Survival Gear Review: Brunton 9077 Lensatic Compass – Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)


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