Survival Gear Review: Columbia River Knife And Tool


Free Range Knife - Columbia River

These moderately priced folding knives designed for hunting and not for every day use There is no belt clips, and they come in in nicely molded nylon over hard plastic cases.

The handles are a mixture of grippy double injection molded materials, one hard and the other where the palm of the hand and the fingers rest are softer and very grippy.

The sheaths close and open with some noise, but it is not an issue. Take your time when using it, mistakes due to haste will often require you to make a trip to the hospital to get stitches.


  • Learn to sharpen your knives, carry a small set of stones or diamond hones and a strop, always.
  • The steel is 8Cr13Mov, with an average hardness between 58-60.
  • They are relatively lightweight, at 3.5 to 4 ounces per knife.

“Anyone who has dressed out a game mammal has learned valuable lessons in what works, and in my strict opinion, the following three rules apply.”

Learn your knife, understand exactly how it will work prior to taking it into the woods, buy a steak and cut it, trim the fat.

Original Source: Columbia River Knife And Tool: Reviewing The Kommer Free Range Folding Knives

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