12 Survival Skills to Learn and Master for SHTF


In case of emergency, some items can be of great value in disaster situations. Keep in an appropriate room in your house a survival kit with materials such as flashlights, candles, matches, batteries, radio, blankets, clothing, bottled water, nonperishable food and a small stove with gas.


Remember that having a stockpile of food, water and materials is not sufficient, you should also learn survival skills. How to grow food would be great if you have the right setup but even so that could take time, however there are thousands of edible plants, learning how identify them could make the difference in going hungry or not.

Take the time to learn knowledge of outdoor survival skills, how to use necessary equipment, and other related information. Try to keep calm in all situations. A disaster is chaos, but calm depends on you. Having the appropriate reaction to the event is paramount. So keep your mid clear and organized when a disaster occurs.


  • Whatever the source, make sure you know how to purify the water so it is safe to drink.
  • Being aware of your surroundings is a big part of your survival mindset as is learning coping mechanisms for dealing with disasters, sickness, and pretty much anything else that does not go right in your life or the world.
  • Choose a weapon that are you comfortable with and learn how to use it.

“A lot of preparedness sites promote learning how to start a fire. Indeed, fire making is important, but so is keeping the fire going. Practice keeping your fire going for hours at a time and in all sorts of weather conditions.”

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