6 Wilderness Skills for Winter Survival


Being an outdoor enthusiast comes with its own challenges and this is especially true in the winter months. Instead of being limited to only indoor activities just keep a few things in mind. Always use a buddy system, stay connected and prepare for the worst-case scenario, be aware on how to make shelter, prepare to survive without fire or heat, learn out to trap and pack your gear cautiously.


    • There is safety in numbers, so you should avoid the common and foolhardy mistakes of venturing out on your own in extreme conditions.
    • If you don’t take an equally committed friend with you, you need to leave a detailed trip itinerary that includes a map with a friend or family member.
    • In an event of an emergency the information you leave with a loved one will be able to help rescuers to find you if something happens.

“There’s safety in numbers. Avoid the common, foolhardy mistake of venturing out on your own in extreme conditions.”


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