How to Track a Human


How to Track a Human

You’ll probably never have to go on a manhunt for a fugitive, however it’s a handy skill to have, perhaps your kid wanders away from your house, or one of your friends get lost in a remote wilderness area. Learn how to search for them effectively and efficiently.

Also, once you know how to track a human, you can reverse engineer the process and learn to make your own escape without leaving a trail.

To really learn how to do this, you need to practice it and practice it for years and be very dedicated. The most important attribute a tracker must develop is situational awareness so clues and signs don’t go unnoticed.

As a tracker you should know the environment very well, understand things like how snow keeps a track, know that spiders usually spin their webs late in the evening, know about the fauna and rocks in the area.


  • Situational awareness comes down to two things: 1) observing, and 2) correctly interpreting your observations.
  • A skilled tracker can look at objects or signs in his surroundings and roughly gauge how long ago they were left there by his target.
  • Besides general cultural and psychological mental models, you need to develop mental models for your particular target.

“When you scan the landscape, the goal is to get a general, big-picture overview of your surroundings.”

As you continue your scan and search, take extra caution to avoid contaminating signs that you’ve uncovered. Leave litter where you found it, and don’t walk on footprints. You want to leave things in their original locations so you can put the pieces together and construct a story based on the evidence found.

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