Key Strategies For Family Preparedness Planning


Who has heard of the expression ‘Don’t stop training!’ or ‘Never stop learning.’ Well, we all probably have a skill or two that could come handy if an emergency situation take place. Why not share with the family those skills?

Everybody in the family can participate. Grandpa may be an exeptional mechanic, he could give a crash course on how to do simple repairs and maintenance. One of the kids may know martial arts, and opportunity to to teach the finer points of one or two holds, or one or two basic kicks.

Mom is a green thumb. How about a short course, basic growing and harvesting? Whoever is instructing can come up with a short handout or program, and set up the station to teach, and then take the family through a demonstration period.
Some great topic suggestions are:

    • first aid training
    • knot tying
    • animal and bird snares and traps
    • food preservation

    There really are unlimited amounts of topics. Use visual aids, such as power points or computer displays to reinforce what is being taught.


    • Make it real and make it relevant
    • The key is: Everybody in the family participates as a student and as an instructor.
    • After the instruction, everyone should come away with a good idea on the basics of something they may or may not have ever seen or tried before.

    “You can also do these things outside of the home. If one of the kids is an expert at catching crayfish, then have him or her instruct and show everyone the techniques. The crayfish (in abundance) happen to be survival food and also serve as bait.”

    The instruction may not be perfect, but the end goal is to do things together as a family that will facilitate your bonding and also help with your chances of survival when the time comes.

    Do all of this training in a good-natured manner, but be serious about it and be “professional,” that is take the time to have the correct resources and setup (tables, chairs, visual aids, and materials to demonstrate/perform the training function).

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