Learning Survival Climbing With Animals


Animals are the best for teaching us to climb in a survival situation. Take the time to watch a video or observe animals climbing in the wild and you will learn a lot. They climb all sorts of obstacle like trees, mountains and other types of objects. Not only climbing but also descent them using techniques that are not complicated at all.

When bears climb up cliffs they use their claws for gripping the rough cliffs walls and to make hand holds to better climb. Cats big or small are excellent climbers and use their strength and balance to overcome any problems.

Since monkeys are built quite similarly to humans, you can mimic some of their climbing methods. Although they use their tales for balance, which it will not be quite the same to humans, you can use your posture for balance.

Watch the way the goats use two toes to climb and think about how you can do something similar with tabi boots.


  • Man can learn balance, being sure footed, path planning, and grace from the mountain goats.
  • You can also look for climbing aides that resemble the nail and toe structure of these animals.
  • Finally plan out your climb to be as safe as possible.

“A raccoon can teach you to study what you are about to climb and choose the best tools for safety. You can use some of their finger and toe techniques as long as you also understand how the lack of claws may make it more difficult for you to use the same methods.”

Although there are physical diferences between the animals and the humans, mimicing some of their behaviours and using devices and objects to when climbing can get you safe in an emergency situation.

Original Source: 12 Animals To Learn Climbing Skills From

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