Self Defense Mistakes that Can Endanger Your Life


Self Defense Mistakes

Invariably, the actions that put you in most danger will always go back to a handful of fundamental things that you overlooked for one reason or another.

Avoiding those mistakes no matter what your age, skill level, or income status may be and you will have much better chance of survival.

Situation awareness isn’t just about how much you take in about your surroundings, but how you process that information.

When someone boasts about his or her tactical skills, they give away important information that can be used by anyone that is searching for a baseline level to achieve.

Since each community is a bit different, there are not any precise rules about what to wear in order to reduce unwanted attention.


  • Martial arts, self-defense classes, and other courses designed to improve situation awareness may all be of help to you.
  • Advertising self-defense skills is not a viable route to securing personal safety.
  • Never assume that someone else in the area will respond, let alone come to your aid.

“Always avoid displaying any kind of wealth or expensive items.”

Few things sabotage self-defense tactics and ski

lls more than alcohol or drug intoxication.  When you cannot think straight or perceive your environment properly, just about anyone can steal from you, rape, or even kill you.
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