Teach Children Preparedness by Playing “Let’s Pretend” Games


Children learn through many different of ways, and one of the great reinforce of knowledge is to put your new found skills to work in a real situation, and pretend games can help in ways you would not imagine.

Kids learn playing, learn to make decisions, learn to put the knowledge to work, and learn through practice.

An amazing way to do this is to play some “Let’s Pretend” games with the kids. You can create scenarios that will help you teach them, will help them learn while having fun in a safe environment with no panic.

Do it often so it becomes ingrained for those times when you might need to put those skills to real use.

Play flashlight games in the backyard, read by firelight, sleep in sleeping bags in the living room.


  • A backyard camp out let’s you practice setting up tents, cooking over fires, using the potty outside, sleeping under the stars, and other skills in the relative safety of home.
  • Have Mom or Dad teach the kids where the *REALLY* safe places are to hide in the house, and then have the other parent ‘hunt’.
  • While driving, have the children pretend to be taxi cab drivers and tell you how to get home.

“They learn navigational skills in a fun and useful way.”

Skill upgrade: Once home, provide a map of the area you’ve traveled to give them a visual of what they’ve learned, and gradually upgrade them to some real map skills to use to navigate their way to a place they’ve never been before.

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