5 Ways to Hide Your Guns and Firearms


Fire Arms Stach

Some people may not be able to install a gun safe, or be away from one while traveling. In these cases, it may be better to hide a firearm in plain sight.

A good method is to take whatever you want to hide, stash it in a garbage bag and put it amongst dirty clothes. People hardly ever looks through dirty clothes. Consider concealing a firearm in the space you store extra grocery bags in the kitchen.

Consider burying a container outside the house, in case you arrive unarmed and need to defend it.

A typical nightstand or dresser has room between the drawers and the outer paneling. This opening is the thickness of the frame of the cabinet. By removing the bottom drawer, drilling a hole in front of the rear frame and inserting a wooden peg, a gun can run along the side of the cabinet. Place the peg on an angle so that when the barrel is fully seated, it creates a slight interference with the bottom of the opening. The drawer can then be pulled out or the whole nightstand could be dumped forward and the gun stays tightly in place.


  • Between the window curtains and the wall above the windows. Can’t be seen from the outside or the inside.
  • If it’s large enough, many trophies are hollow underneath and can conceal a small firearm.
  • A hollowed out electrical fuse box makes a great hiding spot in a home.

“Those homeowners handy with tiling might consider creating a false tile with a hidden compartment in the wall.”

If all else fails and you need to hide a serious amount of weaponry, pull the carpet back, grab a hammer and chisel and get to work!

Original Source: http://www.itstactical.com/warcom/firearms/unique-places-stash-firearms-hidden-plain-sight/

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