Adaptability: How to Develop the Right Mindset to Deal Faster With Changes


It is always good to be prepared for when disaster strikes. There are several things you can do to ensure that you can escape when disaster strikes an urban area. Steps you can take to protect yourself include everything from dressing appropriately relative to your environment, to carrying concealed weapons, to traveling in groups when possible. Other tips are also given.


    • When it comes to disasters there will be predators that are waiting to take advantage of the particular situation and target those they think are weak.
    • These predators that are also opportunists will be waiting and ready to attack you just as your are escaping the urban chaos and heading to safety.
    • The particular type of individuals that are predators are typically individuals with no resources themselves and will have no problems snatching and taking your resources.

“You want to be like someone who is completely overlooked – a person who is completely inconspicuous and does not draw attention to themselves.”

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