Backups & Barter Items for Preppers


Backup and Barter Items - Rat Trap

Stocking things that can get used by the household means there’s little regret about expenditures in 2-10 years, whether a disaster occurs or not.

There are some things that are very useful, readily affordable, readily portable that can be used for barter. Know your area and know what disappears – and when seasonally it tends to disappear even without a disaster.

You might want to go ahead and buy some of those things like batteries, candles, an airgun and pellets, meds, and other lightweight items like canning jars and special leads.

If you are planning to grow your own food don’t forget things like bug killer spray, fertilizer and powdered insecticide.

Epsom salt and baking soda have thousands of uses for human health and hygiene, cleaning, livestock, and gardens. Epsom salt is different from table salts. Epsom is magnesium sulfate, not sodium chloride.


  • Small, portable battery and device solar as the battery chargers are useless without fresh batteries to charge.
  • Various silicone tubes and thread tape have value even outside the rain barrel creations.
  • Rat traps also have applications as squirrel and songbird traps for feeding families and pets, protecting gardens from small raiders, and combining with fishing line and various magnetic strip alarms.

“Think of items that can sit on a shelf for years even before best-by dates expire, especially the ones that don’t need additional packaging.”

Having extra fittings for turning our emptied and scavenged buckets, totes, barrels, and tubs into more effective catchment systems has the potential to make not only our lives easier, but convince somebody to share a tool or pasture they’d rather not, or sweeten a deal over somebody else’s offer.

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