How And Where To Store Ammo


How and Where to Store Ammo

In 2012 in the face of pending gun control it was nearly impossible to purchase ammunition for nearly a year. In case there was a real long term survival situation or a gradual shift into a bad situation the ammunition supply would be one of the first things to go.

Just as food and water, ammunition should be something that is prepared for beforehand. People should store and purchase ammunition in advance just in case of a bad situation. Purchasing ammunition is easy, storing it for long term might be a little more difficult.

Safety is a priority, out of the reach of children and pets as ammunition is a choking hazard, and its flammable, and of course toxic in many cases. Ammunition should be stored away from from anywhere that has an open flame.

Keep a combat load ready in magazines at all times, just in case things happen faster than you can predict. A combat load is at least 6 magazines for a rifle and 3 magazines for a handgun. These should be locked away in a safe preferably.

Store ammunition in multiple locations, preferably keep it under lock and key if possible.


  • Ammo prices skyrocket, and in a seriously SHTF situation ammo will be more valuable than gold.
  • Cardboard boxes suck at keeping moisture out so they should not be the primary storage option.
  • Preventing humidity is the most important step in preserving ammo for the long term.

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