How to Keep your Chickens’ Water From Freezing


Water In Tub Inside Tire

Using the heat of the sun is a clever way of keeping the chicken, and ducks water from freezing. As the heat of the sun gets absorbed into the black tire and black rubber tub that will help keep the water unfrozen far longer than water just in a tub.

If there is no electricity to your coop, it can be a big challenge to keep the water so the chickens can drink.

Using an old car or truck tire stuffed with styrofoam, packing bubbles or some other material to insulate it. It will also be easy to clean and refill.


  • Ducks also need a deeper water source to dunk their heads into, so the tubs work perfectly..
  • Set your tub in the middle of the tire in full sun.
  • All you do is stuff the inside of the tire with styrofoam, packing bubbles or some other material to ‘insulate’ it.

“And one final tip, float a few ping pong balls in the tub. Even the slightest breeze will get the balls bobbing, creating tiny waves which keep the surface of the water from freezing.”

In order to prevent water collecting inside the tire rim, you could make some holes in the underside before you start with a large nail and hammer or large drill bit.

Original Source: Easy Way to Keep your Chickens’ Water from Freezing – No Electricity Needed

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