How to Make a Phone Call Without Cell Signal


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Even when you have no cell signal you can still have access to the internet.

WiFi is a method of connecting your phone with the internet. While you may associate your WiFi signal with surfing the internet, the technology exists to let you make a call over WiFi as well. If your network and phone support WiFi calling, it is a great way to make a phone call without cell signal. Not all devices and networks are capable of WiFi calling though.

Depending of the hardware and software you have you could make phone calls using Skype, Facetime Audio, Facebook Messenger Voice Call.

If you have a gmail account you could use Google Hangouts app for calls. This app lets you message, video chat and voice call other hangout users and contacts.

Another option is to use Ooma in your home as a VoIP technology and you can also get the Ooma app for your smartphone. With the free Ooma plan you can make outbound Ooma calls from your cell phone to any phone number – no cell service needed.


  • There are several apps available which allow you to make phone calls without cell signal.
  • To make a Facetime audio call open the Facetime app, find the contact you want to call and click on the blue “i” in the circle to the right of their name.
  • If the phone icon is grayed out then this friend is not eligible to receive Facebook Messenger phone calls.

“Many apps are only capable of making a phone call to another party using the same app.”

So, when you’re struggling with no cell reception there are plenty of options available to you for making phone calls.

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