How To Make Fuel Alcohol With Sugar


If disaster strikes you may find yourself without  fuel. The production of ethanol, is extremely simple and easy, and it can be handcrafted using homemade equipment by the anyone.

With a minimal investment and with little space, you can produce fuel, the first step is to make a mash using a sugar and water and then the mach must be fermented.

If the sugar is taking from sugar cane, to eliminate the residues present in molasses, the liquid must pass through a sieve. Then, it goes to a tank to rest, so that impurities from settling to the bottom – a process called decanting.

After fermentation, the wash is distilled, fuel alcohol needs to be 100% ABV. The liquid is placed in the distillation column, where it is heated to evaporate. In evaporation, followed by condensation (processing liquid), the ethanol is separated from wine. With this, it becomes ready hydrous alcohol used as a fuel ethanol, an alcoholic degree to around 96%.

With the prepared hydrated alcohol, just remove the water remaining inside it to make anhydrous alcohol. This is the step of dehydration, after being dehydrated, anhydrous alcohol arises, with an alcohol content of about 99.5% used mixed with gasoline as fuel.


  • Knowing how to make your own fuel alcohol with sugar could be a difference maker in a survival situation.
  • A few basic items are needed make to make fuel from sugar but the most important item is a still that is capable of distilling the sugar wash into fuel.
  • The best yeast for fuel alcohol is turbo yeast, which includes nutrients and utilizes yeast that has been designed to ferment high ABV washes.

“We are not suggesting that you run a super-car on the amount of ethanol produced by a 10 gallon still, but a few runs of the still could definitely make enough fuel alcohol to move a motorcycle or dirt bike 100’s of miles.”

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