How to Travel Through Hostile Environments


How to travel through hostile environments

During a SHTF event, potential hostiles could be anywhere, if you are forced to travel through hostile environments where the human factor poses a real danger you need to have a plan.

If by any chance you get stuck in the wrong place, chances are you could be attacked. In order to avoid capture and move undetected, there are a few rules you should follow.

Make sure you blending in against all odds, making noise and light should be avoided, especially if you travel at night. You can blend in easily as long as you follow your senses.

Choosing the proper clothing is also another factor that needs proper planning and you should always wear the colors of your environment.

If you travel during daylight, figure out if there are any people around and make sure you are able to blend with them. Look at what they are wearing and leave your tactical clothing behind, travel like they do and act how they act.


  • Your brain is a powerful survival tool and it is designed to keep you alive, even when danger is lurking at every corner.
  • If you travel during nighttime, you should wear dark clothing (blue, black and grey) that will not reflect light.
  • Frequent and brief stops to catch your breath.

“To understand how you should travel through hostile environments, you have to stop and assess the situation in a calmly manner.”

Running will trigger a predator’s instinct and you will only draw attention to yourself. Keeping a good balance between obliviousness and paranoia is required when traveling through hostile environments. If you can sense danger before stumbling across it will greatly increase your chances of survival.

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